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TFDF Filter

TFDF™ (Tangential Flow Depth Filtration) unites the benefits of TFF and depth filtration in a closed and single-use device. A thick walled tubular depth filter captures cells with negligible product retention. Operation in tangential mode reduces fouling associated with concentration polarization. The combination produces a high flux, high capacity technology with low permeate turbidity and minimal dilution.

Combined Power of Tangential Flow and Depth Filtration

Tangential Flow

Depth Filtration

Tangential Flow Depth Filtration

Innovative Tubular Depth Filter Operated in Tangential Flow Mode

Tangential flow through the lumen

  • Low concentration polarization
  • Robustness towards challenging feed stocks

Thick wall depth filter

  • High filtration capacity
  • Short, highly interconnected paths create low retention factor

Synergistic Benefits

  • Low volume sterilization
  • Small footprint.  Simple disposal
  • Multi-harvest and perfusion applications
  • Scalable from 1-2000L
  • Fast processing time typically < 8 hours