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Process-scale Dynamic Dialysis

At process-scale, dynamic dialysis is used for the purification of macromolecules, proteins, nanoparticles, biomolecules, polymers (polypeptides, polysacharide, oligos), virus for vaccine and delicate/shear sensitive species.

Dynamic dialysis is ideal for the purification of viscous fluids and hydrogels (hyaluronic acid – HA) that cannot be filtered. Where traditional filtration methods may fail, dynamic dialysis uses flow dynamics to increase both the rate and efficiency of dialysis.

Dynamic Dialysis recirculation Tank

The Dynamic Dialysis Recirculation Tank makes dialysis of larger sample volumes ranging from 100 ml to 2 liters faster and more efficient. By enabling a continuous buffer flow, the system maintains a higher concentration gradient and faster rate of dialysis compared to traditional static dialysis with manual buffer changes.

continuous flow

Allows for a continuous buffer flow (50-200ml/min) from a remote dialysis feed reservoir (up to 1000 L); higher sample purity


Shorter run time, no manual buffer changes, smaller buffer volume required


The tall, cylindrical tank enables the efficient removal of solutes by keeping the buffer close to the membrane surface; small footprint

3 Volume Sizes 5 liter 7 liter 10 liter
Total height 68 cm 86 cm 126 cm
Base width 30.5 cm 30.5 cm 30.5 cm
Internal diameter 10.5 cm 10.5 cm 10.5 cm
2 Modes of operation  
Recirculation mode Buffer flow returned to remote source
Single-pass mode Buffer flow directly to discharge/drain
Part Material Quantity
Tank body Polysulfone 1
Tank stand Polypropylene 1
1.5 in. x ¼ in. Hose Barb Adaptor Polypropylene 2
1.5 in. x ⅜ in. Hose Barb Adapto Polypropylene 1
6 inch gasket Silicone Pt-cured 1
1.5 inch gasket Silicone Pt-cured 2
6 inch clamp Nylon 1
1.6 inch clamp Nylon 2
Silicone Tubing, Pharmapure 10’ x ¼ in. ID Silicone 1
Silicone Tubing, Platinum-cured, 10’ x ⅜ in. ID Silicone 1

Dynamic Dialysis Cart

With the ability to support 6 dialysis process tanks in series, the Dynamic Dialysis Cart is a compact rolling wet workstation, ready for GMP manufacturing.

Broad selection

Range of of tank sizes for scalability and faster contaminant clearance


Run multiple systems in series on cart or multiple process scale systems; easy buffer loading and draining


Up to 6 tanks in series; 12 liter batch sizes; biosectors for low-cost scalability

Unique design

Collapsible shelves and tubing hooks, drain manifold, secondary containment; spill-free sample preparation; compact storage

Quality Manufacturing

ISO 9001:2015 certified; Meets USP Class VI biosafety requirements; Raw materials meet 21 CFR 177.1520 requirements; Phthalates, BPA, DHEP, and BSE/TSE free

Global Support

Worldwide application support

dialysis Membranes

Dialysis membranes from Repligen include biotech-grade, standard-grade and custom membranes that can be used in both lab-scale and process-scale operations.

Dialysis Membranes


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The KrosFlo® KR1 Pump controls the speed of the pump heads to provide flow rates from 0.06 to 2300 mL/min. 

  • Low maintenance; seal-less and valve-less design prevents clogging
  • Inner surfaces are smooth and easy to clean
  • Contamination free; fluid contacts only the tubing or tube material
  • Low shearing for handling the most shear sensitive of fluids such as latex or fire fighting foam
  • Capable of running dry and pumping fluids with high quantities of entrained air, such as black liquor soap
  • High volumetric efficiency allows operation in metering or dosing applications where high accuracy is required
  • Handles extremely viscous fluids
  • Availability of tubing and tube materials that are suitable for food and pharmaceutical use
2 Models / Speeds Maximum number of pump heads
1 - 100 rpm 2
6 - 600 rpm


The Spectra/Por® Cart is a rolling work station that can support up to 6 dialysis recirculation tanks in series.

Feature Benefit
Up to 6 tanks in series, 12 L batch sizes Easy buffer management
Wet workstation Spill-free sample preparation
BSE/TSE free polypropylene construction Ready for GMP manufacturing
Collabsible shelves and tubin hooks Compact storage
Drain manifold Convenientbuffer loading and draining
Secondary containment No lab spills


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