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Lab-scale Dynamic Dialysis

Lab-scale Dynamic Dialysis uses flow dynamics to increase the rate and efficiency of dialysis of small 8-30 ml volumes of delicate samples.

tube-A-Lyzer® dynamic dialysis system

Mounted onto the support rack of the KrosFlo® Research I Pump System, the Tube-A-Lyzer® device can perform dynamic dialysis at lab-scale. The system can be operated as a single unit or in parallel when multiple units are combined using a coupling bracket (sold separately) into a multi-unit device. A second pump head can be mounted to the pump to operate two Tube-A-Lyzer units in parallel. 


Ready to use, the dialysis device provides easy access for loading, recovering and in-process testing. This closed, high efficiency device offers high concentration dialysis without manual buffer changes


Biotech Grade Cellulose Ester (CE) membrane tubing prevents polarization and membrane fouling, achieves high sample purities; no heavy metals and sulfide contaminants



Increases the rate of dialysis and reduces overall dialysis time from 1-2 days to  4-12 hours


Non-pyrogenic device, can be sterilized (25 kGy gamma irradiation)

total sample recovery

95-98% sample recovery while maintaining 98% sample purity

unique design

Self-contained, disposable device incorporates a semi-permeable membrane tubing that separates the sample chamber from the surrounding flow-through buffer chamber

dialysis Membranes

Dialysis membranes from Repligen include biotech-grade, standard-grade and custom membranes that can be used in both lab-scale and process-scale operations.

Dialysis Membranes


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The reversible KrosFlo® KR1 pump (600 RPM) features a simple digital keypad that provides easy and accurate speed control. The pump-head has 3 stainless steel rollers that rotate while compressing fluid-filled tubing to generate flow. A second pump-head can be stack-mounted for increased flow or operating two parallel flow streams. Optimal flow rates can be achieved by selecting the preferred tubing size.  Since the stand is anchored directly to the pump drive, the KrosFlo® KR1 prevents spills, sucking air and broken connections.


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